SalesUpp is an innovative concept to provide customised solution to a developing industry which assists them in developing connection with their business counterparts and providing them with marketing platform to improve their Sales.

Being an Industry driven platform, we have designed the website keeping in mind the sanctity of business and limited the vital information access to registered users (Retails, Wholesalers, and Brand owners).

Kindly read the following Terms & Conditions of User Agreement carefully. The following terms of use shall be referred as 'Agreement' between our client(s) referred to as 'User(s)' and our company Greenovation Civil Tech Pvt Ltd. as 'GCTPL' for the use of website which will be referred to as 'SalesUpp' henceforth.

If you do not agree to or wish to be bound by agreement at any point, you are requested to not be member of the website.

1. Purpose

SalesUpp is merely a platform to introduce, connect and promote sales of products. GCTPL is not involved in/responsible for any transaction, authenticity of details and dispute on account of the same between any two or more parties. This agreement applies to registered users – free or paid subscribers using SalesUpp for any purpose.

2. Obligation

By subscribing to SalesUpp, user complies to follow certain guidelines for effective usage of this platform.

  • Subject to compliance with the Agreement, GCTPL grants user(s) a non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, non-transferable, revocable, and limited right to access and use this Website and the Services provided therein.
  • SalesUpp services are available only to the individual/company that legally operates in India and are authorized to market their products/services online.
  • For being registered users, interested individual/company has to provide information about their business which will be made public based on functioning parameter of SalesUpp as decided by GCTPL management team.
  • We expect users to be using this platform in good spirit and not indulge in any misconduct which affects the decorum of the platform.

3. Rights & Limits

  • The users own the content that they post, but provide us a non-exclusive authority to use the content for marketing, promotion or any other development purpose.
  • >We may change or discontinue any of our services depending on circumstantial events without prior notice.
  • GCTPL has the right to refuse/terminate the subscription rights to any person/company if it's in contradiction to any of the principles of our company.

4. Disclaimer & Limit of Liability

  • GCTPL does not guarantee that our website services will function without interruption or errors. However, we shall take necessary actions possible to avoid any such circumstances.
  • GCTPL is not aware of your intellectual property rights, neither can we verify the content posted by other users in this regard. GCTPL does not endorse such practices and will support your objection to curtail such acts.
  • Under no circumstances, GCTPL will be responsible for you or others for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or revenues, related to the services (e.g. offensive or defamatory statements, down time or loss, use or changes to your information or content).
  • Images and Specifications are for representation purpose only. For accurate details, kindly validate with the authorized dealer and review the actual sample before buying.
  • Product information is either taken from public domain or shared by the owners/distributor themselves.

5. Termination

  • User as well as GCTPL can each end this agreement any time. On termination, user loses the rights to access or use our services.
  • URLs/Subdomain assigned to the users (free or paid) on subscribing to website is exclusive property of GCTPL and user shall not consider this to be permanent in any case.
  • GCTPL reserves the universal right to deny/suspend access to particular users to any/all of its services/content without any prior notice/explanation in order to protect the interests of the company and/or other visitors of the website.

6. Communication

By subscribing to SalesUpp, users grant permission to GCTPL team to contact them through any means such as emails, landline, mobile phones etc. as and when required.

7. General Terms

With this Agreement, the users agree to abide with the following terms in order to maintain the professional sanctity of SalesUpp:

  • Do not create a false identity or provide inaccurate information
  • Do not violate intellectual property rights of others, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights.
  • We are here to assist the users in improving their business, but the user assumes all the responsibility and risk of posting any content on SalesUpp.
  • Do not send objectionable content, spam or other unwelcomed communication to other users.
  • GCTPL reserves the right to list its registered User(s) and their content on the website as well as on other network portals run by the Company. In case a User does not want to be listed on the website or on any of our network portals, they can communicate the same to us in writing by sending an email to